2019 Falcon F215 CALL FOR PRICE

Length 21’ 5” Beam 99” Rear Deck 51" L, 85" W Front Deck 94" L, 83" W Fuel Capacity 50 GAL Approximate Dry Weight 1975 LBS
Length on trailer – towing length 27’1 ½ ” Engine down with tongue folded 24’5” Engine down, turned, with tongue folded (shortest length) 24’3 ½” 100% Composite Construction Including Stringers & Transom Falcon boats, established in 2015, currently produces 3 bass boat models (F195, F205, and F215).  The boats are designed with a triple main beam stringer grid and a 99” beam to provide increased stability and an improved ride on rough waters.  The owners’ vast boat manufacturing experience in both the freshwater and saltwater industries are combined to build an exceptional boat for fishability and serviceability.  The Falcon manufacturing facility is in Newberry, South Carolina.