What size boats do we move?

  • We can and will move any boat up to 100ft.

  • Wide body? No problem.

How far will we go to move your boat?

  • We will travel anywhere in the United States.

  • We will travel from border to border to get your boat to its final detination!

Other services during transport.

  • If your boat has a flybridge, our technicians are happy to remove it and get your boat ready to move.

  • We can service your boat before putting it back in the water, if needed.


Prices will vary depending on:

  • Boat size and width

  • Where boat is going

  • If boat has flybridge, a/c unit, etc. that will need to be removed in order to move boat safely.

  • For exact pricing please call 865-256-9839 Ext. 3.